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The Lord IS Risen!

Winter is over! (Sorry, I'm not a Game of Thrones fan so I don't know if winter is here, or coming or over their either!). Lent is over! The Days of quiet reflection are ended and we find ourselves now in the glorious presence of the Risen Savior--Jesus Christ! Instead of waiting for the crucifixion we now find ourselves completely enveloped in the glory of Christ's Resurrection.

After the Resurrection, Jesus remains with his friends on earth before he ascends to heaven. He stays and continues to teach and preach and to strengthen them so that they can continue the mission that Jesus started. To go preach, teach, and baptize in the name of Abba God. That it was now our time to put on the mantel of Christ and leave our comfortable and safe sanctuaries and head out our own doors and to bring the message of God's unending love to everyone around us. This is a time of excitement! This is a time of rebirth! This is our time, friends, to claim our victory over the grave and to continue the work.

Currently, the church sign says "Jesus didn't say 'I am finished' He said 'It is finished' He was just getting started."

Are you going to allow Jesus to utilize you to be part of the mission that was begun?


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