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Grateful for...Freedom

Oops... day 3 and I'm already behind! That just means you get two posts today!

What freedom am I thankful for? Today, I am thankful for freedom of religion. I am thankful that our government does not have the power to dictate what religion we need to follow. I am grateful for the freedom to practice my religion openly. I am also aware of the fact that this freedom comes with a price. Not only from my Moravian Ancestors who suffered persecution and death but also that I am a member of a religion that is seen as the dominant religion in the USofA.

So my second freedom I am thankful for is the freedom of speech. In seminary, we were told over and over again that the office of pastor comes with power. I balked at that because I never saw the position as powerful. Well, now preaching and teaching in this day, the words that I say influence people. The words that I interpret from scripture influence people. I am aware that in a position of power, such as the clergy, we need to be mindful of our words. I am free to say what I want, but we (and this is a collective we of the world) need to consider what we are saying when we put those words out there: Are they kind? Are they necessary? Are they true? I am grateful I have the ability to use my words to help give others freedom. I am grateful I am able to use my religion as a way to build people up and stand along side those who might not be feeling so free to practice their religion.


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