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Grateful for a place

Today is a place that we are grateful for. That place? Hope Conference and Renewal Center. It helped me to hear God's calling to me in my life. It was the place that made me feel not so weird and alone for loving Jesus. It was the place that comforted and conflicted me at the same time. It challenged me every step of my spiritual journey and it grounded me in the truth that I serve a loving Creator. I could write books on my experiences at this place but that would be a little much for a blog! What I can say is that it is the place where I have felt fully and truly loved by a remarkable God who Creates, Redeems and Sanctifies. I will always return to Hope.

These photos are from 2008. So 10 years ago? Yikes! But ya know still looks like that. I remember each person's name in these photos, and I remember what we were doing.

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