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Grateful for...

Catch up days 8 and 9:

The family member I am most thankful for? That's a tough one. On day one I talked about my Pop-Pop and the great things he taught me. Yesterday I said I was thankful for a gift my sister gave me, and I'm thankful for her too, for reminding me I'm a strong mama. The family member I am most grateful for though would have to be my husband. Over the 11 years we have been in a relationship (married for 5 this month!) he has taught me it's ok to be me. While in college, he and some of our close friends, encouraged me to break out of my shell and truly live into the person I was supposed to be instead of what I thought the world wanted to see from me. For that I will always be grateful.

Simple pleasure I'm grateful for: cuddling with my daughter on the couch on a cold, rainy, blech day. There is nothing better than that!

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