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Grateful for...

Day 4: A food or taste.

Hmm... how do I narrow this down? Currently? I'm thankful for the taste of strong coffee because it means that I am getting some much needed energy. I am also grateful for grilled cheese and tomato soup on a dreary day. That might be what I make for lunch for me and the kiddo today because it always brings me comfort and warms me up. Who doesn't like warm tomato soup and grilled cheese? Dark chocolate is also on the list! Hey, these are my grateful things so I get to say 3 things if I want!

Day 5: Grateful for a song

I discovered this song back in 2016 and it's a refrain that I tell myself over and over and OVER again. I say it many times a day to myself. I am grateful for the words, "All will be well" and the peppy music affirming that indeed, all things shall be well. I first encountered this mantra while in Seminary. Julian of Norwich, a church mother, mystic and theologian of the Middle Ages. It's a powerful message to me to remember that God holds us all, and all will be well, even if we don't know what that means immediately. I express this to other people by either saying this, singing it to them, having them hear the song, or by simply saying, "It's going to work out, I promise." We just need to know that what God has planned for our future, we may not see fully at this moment in time. But, "all will be well."


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