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About First Moravian Church of Riverside

First Moravian Church of Riverside is an open, caring, and Christian community of faith serving Riverside, Delran and Delanco areas.
We are a group of people from various backgrounds of church communities, sharing in the common truth of God's unconditional Love. We are a congregation combining both traditional and contemporary elements. We are a church that offers a practical approach to faith, committed to serving God and the community. We offer a welcoming atmosphere for worship and fellowship.


What is the Moravian Church?

The Moravian Church is a Protestant denomination which can be dated back to the Hussite Reformation of the late 1400s.  The Moravian Church has the unique ability to be a "both/and" denomination in an "either/or" world. For the Moravians, living in an honest and open community is the foundation of our faith.

For more information see our denominational site here

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