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A Community of Growth

Our intergenerational Sunday School Class meets at 9:30-10:45 am with coffee and breakfast. Come learn and grow together in Christ's love as we explore the Fruits of the Spirit. 

Location: 228 E Washington St, Riverside NJ Hahle Hall basement

This building does have an elevator 

Rally Day September 2019

In our Fruits of the Spirit Sunday School program, we discussed how sometimes it can be challenging to talk about our faith. To demonstrate this, our Director of Christian Education and Spiritual Formation, had us all suck on lemons and eat dry crackers before saying "Jesus is Lord!" as confidently as possible. Join us Sundays at 9:30am where we laugh, learn and grow together.

The fu and learning flows into church services as well! Our Sunday School classes acted out the creation stories in worship. We always find new ways to bring well known stories to life!

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