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Rev. Darrell Johnson

In the musical Jeckyll and Hyde, the lead character, Dr. Jeckyll sings the words “The only thing constant is change.” That’s true no matter what season we are in, whether it is a “normal” year or a “new normal” COVID-19 year. One of the things that we know in the church is that change is inevitable. Change to worship, change to rooms, change to Sunday school curriculum, and change to pastoral leadership are just a few of the changes that we face. In April, we bid farewell to our friend and fellow leader in the Delaware Valley, Laura Gordon. We prepare to welcome the new pastor of Palmyra Moravian Church, The Rev. Darrell Johnson. Darrell and I served in Ohio with one another from 2013 to 2017, just before I came to Riverside. I am sharing with you his biography in order to introduce you to a wonderful leader, a joy-filled pastor, and a real disciple of Christ.
The Reverend Darrell Johnson will be installed as the part time Pastor at Palmyra
Moravian on October 18th during Worship. Brother Darrell is a seasoned pastor who enjoys building relationships with people of all ages.  He offers a positive  and hopeful ministry approach and is an enthusiastic and passionate pastor whose love for Christ is manifested through dedicated service.  Pastor Darrell finishes up ministry in the Palmer Township Moravian congregation in Easton, Pennsylvania.  He is family-oriented, personable, and energetic.  He enjoys getting to know people and encouraging them in their endeavors and being involved in the community.  He is described as a pastor that delivers his ministry with humility, kindness, gentleness, encouragement, a sense of humor, and wisdom.
Having grown up in Ohio, the Moravian Church is where Pastor Darrell learned the
Bible stories  from family and when attending Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Youth Group and church camp and grew to love the traditions of the Moravian Church.  Following his college experience at Muskingum College, where he received a B.A, in Psychology, following his calling to ministry he completed his Master of Divinity Degree at the Moravian Theological Seminary in 1988.  He was ordained a Deacon and then was consecrated a Presbyter in 1995 in the Moravian Church.  He has served churches in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.  While attending the Seminary, he met and married Christine Sobania Johnson and together they have raised two grown sons, Andrew and Daniel. Christine is also a Moravian Pastor currently serving the College Hill Moravian Church in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Within this part time call, Darrell will commute from Bethlehem, PA and live in the Palmyra parsonage for periods of time each week.  He is choosing to live away from home part of the week to minister with Palmyra. Darrell understands that all of life is but a gracious gift from God's hands to be enjoyed and lived in faith, love and hope!
Pastor Darrell has served on the Eastern District Executive Board of the Moravian
Church since 2012.  He is looking forward to being a part of our church family, helping us grow spiritually, and guiding us forward in our ministry. He also takes delight in the shared ministry with colleagues and all partners in service and care to God's world. We look forward to sharing in the gifts that Pastor Darrell will be brining to the Delaware Valley. Please continue to hold the Palmer Moravian congregation, Palmyra Moravian congregation, and the Johnson family in your prayers as these transitions take place. We know that even when things change around us, there is the One who is in charge of all—our loving God, who guides us through all transitions and strengthens us for the journey ahead.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Sanderson

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